The Seven Noses of Soho

HIGH on the corner of Meard Street, Soho, is a large sculpted nose. It is claimed as one of seven noses that once decorated the area. Legend has it that if you find them, you are assured of eternal wealth.

Oddly, this large Meard Street nose, while the easiest to see, actually isn’t one of the much smaller originals. This was apparently put up to offend Westminster Council during a planning dispute.

The originals are the work of sculptor Rick Buckley, who left casts of his own nose from 1996 to 2005. Sadly, they seem impossible to find, so much so that it may seem likely some have disappeared. However, you can try looking in Bateman Street, Dean Street, Great Windmill Street and Endell Street and D’Arblay Street. That’s five.

There’s also at least one ear, in Floral Street, put up by artist Tim Fishlock.

There is also this nose on Admiralty Arch. It’s pink and very similar in shape to the other noses, so that might count as six, although it’s not Soho. I suspect the same source, although strange stories do surround this one. It is a spare for the statue of Nelson atop his column in nearby Trafalgar Square. Or it is Wellington’s nose and is rubbed by cavalry for luck as they pass through the Arch. It’s certainly about the right height for that.

But, assuming it is the sixth Soho nose, where is the seventh? You tell me…

The easiest way to see them all is with walking guide Peter Berthoud, who has a tour dedicated to them:

You could say he is the man who nose.




6 thoughts on “The Seven Noses of Soho

  1. I’ve spent many years in Soho but I never seen that…. That’s really an amazing article….

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