The King’s Army Annual Parade

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The King’s Army Annual Whitehall Parade

Every year, on the last Sunday in January, the King’s Army (the Royalist part of the English Civil War Society) commemorates the execution of King Charles I with a parade along the route taken by the King from the St James’ Palace to his place of execution.

The parade leaves St James’ Palace at about 11.30am, and marches at funeral pace, drums muffled in black mourning, along The Mall to Horseguards Parade. Since the parade cannot enter Whitehall (because of traffic restrictions) a small detail is detached to lay a wreath at the Banqueting House where Charles was beheaded.

The parade returns to St James’ Palace at a normal marching pace, with drums beating and colours unfurled – with a short detour to Admiralty Arch to salute the statue of Charles I in Trafalgar Square.


2 thoughts on “The King’s Army Annual Parade

  1. Love your website and blog. I have added you to my listing ‘Visiting London’. (Either you are really cool or you pay to be in this listing on my blog. Guess you’ve figured what you are.)
    I’m looking forward to visiting and photographing some of your cool secret places.

    1. Thank you for including us your listing. We hope to see you at the march.
      Peter Wilson
      Director ECWS Ltd
      Press officer

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